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Water Quality Station Profile

Latitude: 48.3772 N,  Longitude: 58.3381 W

Elevation: 66 m Basin: 02ZA
Agency: Provincial Start Date: 9/21/2010
Current Status: Ongoing Sampling Frequency: 2010

Mean Spring Temp: 1.7 DegC Mean Summer Temp: 15.7 DegC
Mean Fall Temp: 5.7 DegC Mean Winter Temp:-8.3 DegC
Mean Annual Precip: 1519.9 mm Mean Annual Runoff: 1000-2000 mm
Mean Daily Discharge: m3/s Mean Annual Days between First and Last Ice: days

Geology, Soils and Cover

Landcover data was derived from the Canadian Forest Service Earth Observation for Sustainable Development of Forests (EOSD) Landcover dataset. The EOSD data is a land cover classification based on Landsat imagery circa 2000 and has a spatial resolution of approximately 30 metres. The landcover scheme shown is an aggregation of the 23 classes included in EOSD and breaks down as follows: Unclassified (No classified data available), Lakes, Barren or developed/urban lands, nonforested Vegetation (grasslands, shrubs etc), Wetlands and Forest.

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